Web Dinkan


The day was moody and cloudy. Dinkan swirled on his bed, lazing to get up. But the empty stomach didn’t let him sleep anymore. Dinkan got out from his hay bed and inspected the kitchen. Sadly, it resembled his stomach. Craving, he got out from the gnawed hole and began to seek for food. In the process, he lost the way and ended up in the undergrounds of an IT Hub. Drooling to all those colorful wires, Dinkan chomped one among them. Upon nipping it, he felt a sort of power passing through the spine. But quite to a surprise, he didn’t die. Instead, he went woozy and dozed off. Waking up, Dinkan found that he has cumulated an Uber-Digital-Power!

Later on, naming himself as Web Dinkan, he started to render digital services across the globe.

Facing an issue? Have queries? Shoot Web Dinkan a mail and he'll fly down to help you.